At Daybreak we are passionate about outreach, here are some of the opportunities.
Global Care Resource Centre Wyoming is the social justice arm of Daybreak Church.
Global Care is also a fully registered charity so any donations are tax deductible. 
From the very start our hearts have been to help our local community and we have been praying and preparing for an open door into the lives of those around us meeting some very important needs and to bring the light! 
The first service we have up and running in the Resource Centre is “Foodcare Wyoming”! 
A low cost grocery service that provides low income earners with an affordable option and access to some great products.
You can find us at 4/127 Maidens Brush Rd, Wyoming Wednesday & Thursday from 10am-1pm
If you are interested in volunteering contact us via the below email link.
Thank you.
   Foodcare Wyomimg
    Foodcare Wyoming
    Foodcare Wyoming
   Foodcare Wyoming
                                                                                                        In House Opportunities 
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