In March 2013 I had a motorbike accident which resulted in concussion and a few other medical issues. I thought it would all heal in a week or so and I would continue on as normal. No I didn’t heal I have endured 6 years of severe and unimaginable pain, many medications, migraines every waking moment, seizures, dystonia which would cripple and tense every muscle in my body, a fractured vertebrae, spinal tumours, many Doctor and Specialist visits, every scan available and many hospital stays. I spiralled into severe depression and despair. I was unable to leave the house, or be alone, I couldn’t walk and often I couldn’t talk for days . Medication became an essential part of my life.
I would be on the lounge crying in so much pain and I couldn’t escape it no matter what I was prescribed and in despair I cried out many times to God saying ‘surely I am born for more than this suffering, I cant go on but I have to be born for more than this I have 5 children’.
My last hospital visit was a major one in 2019 for a week. I presented with seizures, dystonia and stroke like symptoms and spent a few days in ICU trying to be stabilised. This was the most scariest time for me I couldn’t talk and communicating was difficult. I thought I was going to die but I had a loving husband and 5 beautiful daughters that I didn’t want to leave. I held onto the last bit of hope whatever way I ended up. The doctors told me I could go home after a week and be cared for or I could look at homes to go into. Nobody understood what I was going through. This was devastating to hear.
I was truly broken now and was determined my husband take me to church on Sunday and I was not leaving there until God healed me. My husband had been going to Daybreak church with Ps Marcus and Rachel a few weeks before and so I wanted to go with him to Daybreak. During the service I started having seizures and a dystonia attack, Ps Rachael prayed for me whilst my husband held me to stop me shaking so much. I remember hearing the words Psalm 91 over and over again, then in my brokenness and absolute crushing, I was now somehow in the arms of Jesus, like a little girl curled up on her daddy’s lap and I had my head on His chest. I was so at peace and safe and love was radiating like I had never felt before. Everything I doubted, Jesus was now speaking life over, “i want to live but I can’t go on”, “I have no strength, no joy”
Jesus then spoke “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” and “I have come to give you life and life more abundantly”.
Everything about me felt so perfect in this moment I never wanted to leave. Jesus searched me out to show me how much he loves me and to begin a healing journey with me. He heard every cry and collected every tear. I was not forgotten.
My husband took me home that day not knowing what I had just encountered. A few days later I encountered God again at home and was this time completely healed of all pain and illness and was totally set free. God also gave me a splendid vision of Heaven and the joy that was shown to me was indescribable. I had been given a second chance at life after six years enduring such torture.
A few weeks later in Daybreak church I read a sign on the wall that spoke volumes to me it said ‘Born For More’. Wow that is what I cried out for so long. God was definitely preparing the way for me as well as being by my side.
He has a plan and a purpose for me and you, a plan to give us hope and a future. Gods’ love for everyone is unending and very real, He is a waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper and the light in the darkness. I am now on an amazing journey with Jesus. I am so grateful for every single breath I take and for every moment I am alive.
Bless you
Lindy Kylma
Gary’s Testimony – Cancer Healed !!
32 years old with 5 children Gary was released 4 months early from prison as 2 bouts of Chemo hadn’t even slowed down his cancer that now consumed from his groin to his heart. I saw his picture pop up on social media and he wasn’t looking like the Gary I knew and i reach out. Once I heard his story and Gary told me he wasn’t going for a third course of Chemo but concentrating on quality time for the few days he had left I invited him to church where God had a different plan. Within one week the cancer had totally dissolved and all traces removed from his blood stream PRAISE JESUS!!!
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It’s time to reveal the Glory



We have been travailing as a church for three weeks for this precious girl

A regular family to our Global Care outreach when their daughter was air lifted to Westmead children’s hospital her Mum knew exactly where to go, she came down and asked us to pray.

Rushed to hospital with a virus and rare condition that caused a swollen brain.
Results confirmed irreversible damage to her brain. The doctors diagnoses was that she would never wake up.

The scans proved no brain activity

And then!!

Answered prayed

She wakes up and the doctors are dumbfounded but they warn “she will never be cognitive”

Then she starts to speak to her mother and the doctors are baffled ❤️❤️🔥🔥😂😂

Next she’s up using the bathroom

A week later she’s home and back at school winning her class spelling bee and the only reason she is pictured in the wheel chair is because she developed an infection in her foot

Our God is the healer

There is no distance in the spirit

Only believe

Our Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever

Come on!!!

Boxing Champ steps out in Faith!
I was running the service in a church we were attending and 3 times Australian heavyweight boxing champ
Bob “Big Bear” Mirovic comes up to me and asked if we can pray. His partners father was dying in the UK and she may not  make it there to see him as the doctors have only given him hours to live. I said when it’s time we will get you up the front and you can stand in on her behalf as she was running around packing and organising flights etc. Bob came up for prayer and I had a strong conviction to take a tissue in accordance with Acts 19:12 and anointed it with oil and prayed over it. I said give this to your partner and have her place it on her father and pray for healing.
The week went by and I had not heard anything. Sunday came around and Bob came up to me and said MARCUS you will never guess what happened I politely replied I might have an idea, but I said wait and let’s tell the whole church.
What had happened was she did make it in time to say goodbye to her father, but she was new in the Lord and was struggling with taking the tissue and praying as none of the family were saved and they were all around his bed. She called Bob and said ” I don’t think I can do this” to which Bob replied “YOU HAVE TOO DO IT” ha ha ha a mighty man in and out of the ring!
So she did, she marched in and placed the tissue down on her fathers chest and began to pray! The result was within hours her father had gone from his death bed to completely out of bed and walking around. He eventually was released and went home for some precious time with loved ones God had performed a miracle and all had seen it!  Praise God!

Hi Peter

I need to share something with you.

As you know my job as regional property manager requires me to inspect and investigate many properties and their issues.

I recently received a call from a local church leader that there had been a house fire in their downstairs kitchen.

My first response was “is anybody hurt”?

The kids had been making a cubby house out of sheets and blankets when one of then bumped the cook top turning it on then left the room and the blankets had ignited.

By the time the smoke alarm in the next room went off alerting them to the fire they where met with a solid black wall of smoke and soot. They immediately fled the house calling the emergency services.

The fire department had to enter the room on their knees with the hose acting like a shield of water as they inched towards the source.

They managed to extinguish the fire

When I arrived I was met with wall to wall soot, the ceiling was black, half way down the walls were black and I thought to myself this was a big fire.

As we entered the kitchen where the fire started I was puzzled by the lack of damage that should have been there.

I looked up and the fluorescent light fittings were melted, The four ceramic tiles directly under the fire were cracked from the intense heat, there was a small burnt patch on the kitchen bench and the cook top was damaged, but that was it !!

This seemed like a significant fire that should have ripped the place apart and I was a little baffled at what had happened.
As we were standing there the church leader looked over my shoulder and said what’s that on the cupboard it looks like a picture?

I turned around and said “It looks like Jesus”!

Then it dawned on me what had happened

The picture was directly above the source of the fire !!

God is amazing !!!

  •  Prayed for employment and received it for church member
  • Prayed for healing on a 18 month old who required surgery, the baby healed did not need the surgery.
  • Young man had a ruptured artery for six weeks due to broken leg (unknown) church had been praying! The fact he didn’t bleed out was miracle 1, Once discovered it required major surgery three specialist teams and 8 hours of work. One of the options was amputation. The specialist was un-expectantly able to repair the damaged artery    with very little complications BEST outcome praise God.  See testimony below          
 My mother who is only new in the Lord, but recently my younger brother broke his leg, the screws they put in ruptured his artery behind his knee. We had been praying for him not knowing about this. His calf muscle was like a rock and we thought it was just tight from not being used. On his first trip to the physio they said this isn’t right go straight back to the hospital where they found the bleed and booked emergency surgery three teams 8 hours. Eeeesh. Everyone we have spoken to have said he should have bled out as the artery was almost destroyed. 6 weeks like this! So the options where a slim chance to repair the artery, but not really likely they were preparing to remove a vein from his other leg and by pass it. The other option that was on the table was amputation. Mum was a mess when we saw her at the hospital and we prayed for her and God’s peace fell. She described it as a warm wave falling over her lol. And the panic left her for the rest of the ordeal lol praise God! They went in and amazingly they repaired the artery. And now he is up and walking So she was praising God and sharing, he was standing in the prayer huddle we had going it was awesome!