Gary’s Testimony – Cancer Healed !!
  •  Prayed for employment and received it for church member
  • Prayed for healing on a 18 month old who required surgery, the baby healed did not need the surgery.
  • No worship service or sermon this week moved straight into congregational prayer and prophecy. Great Personal healing!
  • Young man had a ruptured artery for six weeks due to broken leg (unknown) church had been praying! The fact he didn’t bleed out was miracle 1, Once discovered it required major surgery three specialist teams and 8 hours of work. One of the options was amputation. The specialist was un-expectantly able to repair the damaged artery    with very little complications BEST outcome praise God.  See testimony below          
 My mother who is only new in the Lord, but recently my younger brother broke his leg, the screws they put in ruptured his artery behind his knee. We had been praying for him not knowing about this. His calf muscle was like a rock and we thought it was just tight from not being used. On his first trip to the physio they said this isn’t right go straight back to the hospital where they found the bleed and booked emergency surgery three teams 8 hours. Eeeesh. Everyone we have spoken to have said he should have bled out as the artery was almost destroyed. 6 weeks like this! So the options where a slim chance to repair the artery, but not really likely they were preparing to remove a vein from his other leg and by pass it. The other option that was on the table was amputation. Mum was a mess when we saw her at the hospital and we prayed for her and God’s peace fell. She described it as a warm wave falling over her lol. And the panic left her for the rest of the ordeal lol praise God! They went in and amazingly they repaired the artery. And now he is up and walking So she was praising God and sharing, he was standing in the prayer huddle we had going it was awesome!
Boxing Champ steps out in Faith!
I was running the service in a church we were attending and 3 times Australian heavyweight boxing champ
Bob “Big Bear” Mirovic comes up to me and asked if we can pray. His partners father was dying in the UK and she may not  make it there to see him as the doctors have only given him hours to live. I said when it’s time we will get you up the front and you can stand in on her behalf as she was running around packing and organising flight etc. Bob came up for prayer and I had a strong conviction to take a tissue in accordance with Acts 19:12 and anointed it with oil and prayed over it. I said give this to your partner and have her place it on her father and pray for healing.
The week went by and I had not heard anything and I was thinking I hope she at least made it in time to say goodbye. Sunday came around and Bob came up to me and said MARCUS you will never guess what happened I politely replied I might have an idea, but I said wait and let’s tell the whole church.
What had happened was She did make it in time to sat goodbye to her father, but she was new in the Lord and was struggling with taking the tissue and praying as none of the family were saved and they were all around his bed. She called Bob and said I” don’t think I can do this’ to which Bob replied “YOU HAVE TOO DO IT” ha ha ha a mighty man in and out of the ring!
So she did, she marched in and placed the tissue down on her fathers chest and began to pray! The result was within hours her father had gone from his death bed to completely out of bed and walking around. He eventually was released and went home for some precious time with loved ones before his time came and he did end up passing away but God had performed a miracle and all had seen it!  Praise God!